Breathwork infused life & business coaching

Our coaching is designed to treat you at the source: your beliefs.

 We utilize breathwork to break deeply conditioned patterns in order to slowly but surely deprogram and replace self-induced limitations with DESIRED beliefs so that our conscious minds can begin scanning for them to become true.

What you say, is what you see.
And what you see, is who you are!

Own Your Story!

I created the archetype of a Dental Yogi to symbolize who I desired to become. 

To me, Dental Yogi is:

A Wellness Warrior who practices embodiment (being physically strong and deeply in tune with their body.)
A Holistic Healer who honors the soul and deeply understands catharsis.  
A Loving Leader who transmutes all fear and scarcity into unlimited potential and possibilities!

With consistent belief, practice, and support, I grew into these values and I grew my environment into seeing and believe in this new person I became (this is 80% of the battle). 

It starts here: Who is the ultimate version of you?
What's your archetype? 

My mission is to guide you there and help take you beyond what you think is possible physically, mentally, and spiritually!
So if you’re with me, then LET’S GO!

how it works:

Tumo breathwork is essentially the act of over breathing to hyperstimulate the central nervous system into an uncomfortable state, training this in a guided setting can help us learn how to better regulate discomfort in real time. With practice we can learn to access subconscious and unconscious beliefs in order to rewrite them in order to better serve your life. For example, breathwork can be utilized to conquer anxiety

Transforming your doubts and fears into passions and curiosity.
Uncovering and empowering your greatest self. 
Creating lasting fulfilment and impact in alignment with your authentic self.

what gives you your "edge"?

OUR packages


Breathwork hyper-stimulates the body for the purpose of deep mental, physical, and emotional catharsis. 

Private Breathwork Intensive

This is a private virtual 75 minute coaching and breathwork session designed to help you uncover you release/get over what's holding you back and uncover your greatest potential. Simply fill out the questionnaire in the link below and book the time that works for you!

Spouses are welcome to join


Three month virtual training program designed by the Buteyko Clinic Oxygen Advantage Institution to deprogram negative mental and physiologic processes marked by anxiety and hyper-inflammatory over breathing. The goal is to train your body to crave less air. Think of it as intermittent fasting for breathing; it teaches your body to become significantly more efficient in metabolizing oxygen which in turn leads to remarkably lowered inflammation and significantly greater energy, endurance, and cardiovascular output. 

Breathwork Therapy Includes: weekly check-ins, guided exercises, customized breath tacks and unlimited accountability.

Breathwork Therapy

Register below to change the way you breath and live forever!


The culmination of three separate breathwork styles with direct integration and implementation: Learning Buteyko Clinic Breathwork to regulate inflammation/stress, Tumo breathwork to strengthen mindset and cardiovascular output, and transformational breathwork to navigate trauma and connect deeper to your soul, and putting it all together into a service that is authentic to YOU!

Even if you don't want to offer it to others, the best way to get really good at something is to learn how to teach it, and learning to master our most basic function changes EVERYTHING!

Breathwork practitioner training

master your breathing, master your life.

If you've been inspired by breathwork and want a crash course, then this is for YOU!

Weekly one on one support for a 2 month crash course on Tumo(Wim Hof style), Transformational (Holotropic), and Buteyko Clinic Breathwork with the goal of changing your behavioral patterns through repeatedly deprogramming pathologic breathing and postural patterns and getting comfortable teaching it/offering to others!

These techniques can be utilized for overcoming trauma, anxiety, self-doubt, and reversing chronic stress + inflammation and they WILL change the way you impact yourself, your family, and your clients!


Hear it from your peers

"Cristain & Dainielle opened my awareness to what is possible and what is out there for me. Totally an expanding experience working with them.

- Dr. Delphine Jung