The key to a fulfilling life is gratitude

Pause for a moment,
slow your scroll.

Breathe in, Breathe out...

Now take a moment to celebrate your achievements, celebrate the badass you are! 

We see you, namaste.

It's often easy to forget that you've once dreamt of being right where you are today. 

Now the question is, where do you want to go from here? What impact do you want to ripple out to the world?

breathe in, breathe out

breathe in, breathe out

We’re Dr.Cristian and Dr.Danielle!

We love kitchen dance parties, traveling to new places, bike rides on Chicago’s Lakeshore (#summertimeChi), and chilling on our big comfy couch watching Friends.

You can think of us like Joey and Monica: Cristian’s got the peanut butter-fingers and stretchy pants (always Lululemon), and you can find Danielle vacuuming her vacuum cleaner while cheffing up a side of penne alla vodka.

We have a passion for helping professionals do more of what they love by making small daily shifts that add up to BIG lifetime results. We help you “Nama-Slay” burnout and stiffness, and REVIVE that dream you have hidden in your heart.

We CHOSE to forge a more authentic path in our profession so that everyday we live to work, instead of working to live. Instead of working towards retirement, we're living and creating our dream retired life! Ask us how ;)

In case we haven't met yet,

We started Dentalyogis Wellness for one reason:


If we're able to break the mold of our profession and be in service to only what lights us up, then so can YOU!

We've inspired and guided dozens of healthcare professionals on their journey of becoming happier, healthier, and more authentic in all realms of their lives.

What we've learned is this: Not only is it incredibly energizing to curiously pursue "non-professional" passions, even if they don't fit the "mold" of your profession, but it leads to far greater success because it makes you so much more interesting and it allows you to attract YOUR people!

Dr. Sues said it best, "Do what you love and say as you please because those who mind don't matter and those who matter usually don't mind." 

Take Dr. Delphine for example:
When we met her she was this quiet dentist in Montreal who literally whispered to us that she's really into Reiki (energy healing) because it changed her life. Fast forward 3 years later, now she is running a thriving virtual energy healing business and earning more than she did in private practice! Among so many things, this massive shift has empowered her to go into the Arctic twice a year to offer dental aid and love to the poverty stricken locals.

Dental aid has been a big part of Cristian's life.

After a life-changing dental-aid mission in Guatemala right after dental school, Cristian made a promise to himself to offer foreign dental aid at least once a year. A promise he had broken more often than he could make because of financial restraints and time. But two questions changed that forever, "What if we can give back to others and while giving back to ourselves? What if we can combine dental aid with a passion reviving retreat experience?" 

Today we journey into the Northern Dominican jungle twice a year for Revive Mission, and we consistently return back with full hearts, endless inspirations, and endless abundance ;)