How do people feel when they are in your presence?

What consistently helps you raise your energy?

Our calling is to unleash your the healthiest, most inspired, and most confident version of what a dentist CAN be!

Announcing: Revive Dental Aid Yoga Retreat!

Yoga retreat
Cool yoga posture

The goal of this program is create wellness influencers. We will dive into mind and body optimization so that you can take these practices and inspire your community.

As dentists, we have the power to change peoples lives well beyond their oral health. We are the healthcare providers the general population see the most often, and we have the power to lead by example!

We’ve poured our hearts into creating a program that cultivates clarity, joy, and ownership of your life using the lessons we’ve learned through yoga and life coaching.

This program fosters deeper self-awareness, physical strength, and mental resilience. You will walk away with your personal “YOU-print”, a transformation map/blueprint to guide you towards creating the life of your dreams. Not just for yourself, but for everyone who looks up to you!

The magic comes together with the help of our experience concierge, Cory Magno (massage therapist and private chef pictured above), and several special surprise guests, in a surprise location in Arizona.

It all begins with faith, not in us, but in yourself. Do you believe you were destined to achieve a greater impact? This is your chance to turn that dream into reality! Together we can create miracles, book a call now and let’s discover your true potential!


Transform smiles

Nothing lights us up in dentistry quite like seeing a client’s reaction the first time the lay eyes on their new smile! We enjoy teaming up for smile transformation cases and playing off each other’s strengths – Cristian specializes on occlusion and bio-function while Danielle is a master in the esthetics.  We have trained under the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum, Spear, and Thrive Bioesthetics.


Coaching is not for everyone and no one actually “needs” it. We personally have a coach because we love having someone who believes in us, holds us to the highest standard, and shines the light of perspective on our negative stories and fears. If you’re feeling lost or stuck and would like a new perspective, book a discovery call below!

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Mindset mastery = shifting from disease to ease:
Set yourself free

YOU KNOW THAT FEELING when everything seems perfect, and you feel with 100% conviction that you’re exactly where you need to be? Think about the moment you opened your dental school acceptance letter or when you were handed your diploma on stage.

The Dental Yogis

Dr. Cascioli discovered yoga while a dental student at the University of Toronto in 2012. Her instructor not only challenged her physically, but also imparted knowledge of anatomy and physiology that helped her with her studies.

“We were in a long distance relationship at the time, and Danielle convinced me to try yoga at a local CorePower Yoga in Chicago because I was mending an injury from boxing,” Dr. Pavel said. “I slowly began to fall in love with the practice.”

It began with Yoga:

Through yoga we’ve learned to listen to the body and quite the mind in order to discover how to best nourish both. Getting to know ourselves on a deeper level has helped us embody the following lessons:

 Life happens FOR you, not TO you. Let go and lean into resistance to follow the direction of your greatest growth (the obstacle is the way)!

Through our journey together our mission became clear: Ripple out these lessons to our beautiful profession, and teach the art of replacing chronic stress with love!


You know that feeling where everything feels perfect, where you know with 100% conviction that you are EXACTLY where you need to be? What if we told you that feeling is inherent within you? What if we told you that you can train yourself to access that feeling even when you are at your worst. Imagine if you could tap into that feeling when you’re stressed or frustrated.

Imagine how much faster and more coherently you’d be able to get out of every bind. Imagine how much more enriching your life would feel. That feeling is called the bliss field, and with proper training and discipline, you have the power to access it ON DEMAND! As a protective mechanism, we have trained our minds to be reactive to our external circumstances, and if you pay close attention, our emotional reactions to any circumstances haven’t changed since we were children. So instead of responding like a child at the mercy of our circumstances, you have the power to harness our feelings from within and respond in the most meaningful way!


“I’m way too busy, too tired, need a break, I don’t have the time or energy to stay fit and take care of myself….”

These are the stories we catch OURSELVES saying when we’re in the wrong environment. But the truth is, they’re just excuses. We KNOW that everything gets done so much faster when we put our health first. But this requires constant effort and constant accountability. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the mental and physical support from our mentors @hiitide and @thethrivedentists, there’d be no dental yogis because we’d be too busy pandering and hiding in excuses.

So what’s actually stopping you? Is it your time, your energy, or is it your environment?

Together, we WILL grow so much stronger, so much faster!

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