How do you balance your profession, with your family, your desires, your passions, and your health? By doing YOU!!!

Focus on what lights you up, on what you do best, and everything else will naturally flourish!  When feeling out of balance, we’re unconsciously saying that we need to do less of something.  What usually ends up getting sacrificed? Health, energy, and DREAMS.. They all go together: How can you muster the energy to be healthy if you’re not excited about anything? 

How does Tony Robbins run 31 companies while being a father and traveling the world doing 55 hour seminars every week? ENERGY! He puts 100% of his energy into what he loves the most, and guess what? It grants him even more energy! 

You CAN be the best clinician, AND best parent, AND best CEO, AND be fit/healthy BY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE! Just give yourself the permission to do YOU regardless of what anyone else might think! 

Before I started teaching yoga and coaching, my energy was lower and my days felt harder. Despite having less on my plate, I was constantly drained because I unconsciously expended all my energy complaining, loathing, and suppressing my desires! Now, I’m working more and LOVING every moment b/c I replaced the room I had for excuses with projects that excite me!  Here’s the biggest:

We’ve created an online community within the hiitide.com app to raise our ENERGY and constantly reinforce this lesson!

A space for the BUSY dental professional to get customized programs structured around YOUR schedule and YOUR personal health goals. A space with weekly “Game-Changing” challenges plus coaching and support from us and our community. A space to get REWARDED for taking care of YOURSELF, for bringing out your BEST SELF! A community of dental professionals who love life, and desire to live it to the FULLEST! The HIIVIBE DENTAL TRIBE is Here! 

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