Breathe in.
Breath out.

Can a daily breath-work practice make us super-human?

How we do one thing is how we do EVERYTHING.

Committing to optimizing our most basic function every day leads to: more energy, deeper awareness,
better health,
greater endurance,
enhanced calmness,
greater overall sense of ease & Purpose.

It’s about using and moving your energy, and removing the blocks between you and your higher self. The part of you that already knows what to do, and trusts that everything is happening for you. This can become your greatest healing tool!

When do you feel most connected to the infinite?
Those moments when you almost forget about “you” for a sec and bask in awe of the greater whole.
When do you feel most inspired?

\in•spire\ Latin inspirare. To breath or blow into, in the sense of imparting a truth or idea from the divine.

Is it standing before an expansive view and breathing in the sunset?
Is it breathing in union with your lover?
Is it pushing yourself to breathe into your burning legs at the end of a work out?

Whatever it is that gets you in the flow...
chances are you’re breathing while you do it.

What's included in BFC Membership?

- One on one baseline breathing assessment and life vision.
- Live monthly virtual flow/breathe/connect.
- Quarterly virtual breath work ceremony (Usually on a full moon).
- Pre recorded breathwork track for daily practice.
- Weekly #sacradmorningroutine accountability checkins via Marco Polo video messaging app
- Evidence based research and therapeutic implementation strategies.

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