The quality of your life is predicated by the quality of your breathing.

Learn how to breath optimally and lead others through AirFlow training!

Our breathing affects ALL aspects of our being. Optimized breathing -> optimized BEING.

Invest in 3 months with me virtually, and I will make you an airflow specialist with the ability to take optimal control of your central nervous system and teach others to do the same!

Imagine full alertness, complete calm, deep focus all on command… No need for any drugs, only air!


Airflow Training:

- One on one breathwork tracking and coaching.
- weekly virtual check-ins.
- Pre recorded breathwork tracks + morning routine optimization.
-Free access to quarterly virtual breath work ceremonies (see below).
- Evidence based research and therapeutic patient implementation strategies.


Over-breathing = Chronic Inflammation.

Breathing short, shallow, and quickly leads to an excess of un-delivered oxygen and increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, and a state of mental dis-ease. In contrast, long, slow, and deep breathing not only enhances calmness but also provides tremendous advancements in cardiovascular endurance and performance.
Training our bodies to breathe slower naturally is the key, and learning how to breath like an elite athlete is an integral part of it.

Breathwork Ceremony 

A  guided virtual experience of moving blocked energy by breathing well beyond our self-perceived breathing perturbs. It is normal to feel tingling in our arms and face, dizziness, unprocessed emotions, and even hallucinations. The beauty of breath work is that you’re in full control. At any point all you have to do is stop breathing to regain full control of your body . Click below to register for the next upcoming flow for $33! (Included in BFC Membership)

When do you feel most connected to the infinite?
Those moments when you almost forget about “you” for a sec and bask in awe of the greater whole.
When do you feel most inspired?

\in•spire\ Latin inspirare. To breath or blow into, in the sense of imparting a truth or idea from the divine.

Is it standing before an expansive view and breathing in the sunset?
Is it breathing in union with your lover?
Is it pushing yourself to breathe into your burning legs at the end of a work out?

Whatever it is that gets you in the flow...
chances are you’re breathing while you do it.

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