“The yogi's life is not measured by the number of his days but by the number of his breaths.” ~B.K.S. Iyengar.

What if the secret to being super human is as simple as learning to breathe less?

The typical adult takes 12 breathes/minute.

**The OPTIMAL breathing rate is 5.5b/m!

What happens with all that excess

The key to health and prosperity is literally right under our noses

How we do one thing is how we do EVERYTHING.

Committing to optimizing our most basic function every day leads to more energy, deeper awareness,
better health,
greater endurance,
enhanced calmness,
greater overall sense of ease & Purpose.

We are creating a community devoted to studying and integrating physiologic modalities that strengthen our mindset, our physiology, and our overall state of being!

What is Breath Flow Club? 

The intention of this community is to optimize our breathing and mobility in order to enhance our overall health and quality of life so that we can offer these tools to our patients. There is a myriad of research showcasing profound physiologic and psychological transformations utilizing different modalities of breath work and breath training. My intention is to expose you to these modalities and let you feel it for yourself. 

What I know for sure is that circulating my cerebral spinal fluid up using various breath holds enables me to transcendentally shift my mindset. Also in training my body to breathe less and alter my carbon dioxide sensitivity I’m able to endure significantly more more acute cardiovascular stress. We can apply these lessons and practices to patients who are suffering from psychological or cardiovascular disease, these tools fill in the gaps in our comprehensive treatment modalities. 

When do you feel most connected to the infinite?
Those moments when you almost forget about “you” for a sec and bask in awe of the greater whole.
When do you feel most inspired?

\in•spire\ Latin inspirare. To breath or blow into, in the sense of imparting a truth or idea from the divine.

Is it standing before an expansive view and breathing in the sunset?
Is it breathing in union with your lover?
Is it pushing yourself to breathe into your burning legs at the end of a work out?

Whatever it is that gets you in the flow...
chances are you’re breathing while you do it.

What's included in BFC Membership?

- One on one baseline breathing assessment and life vision.
- Live monthly virtual flow/breathe/connect.
- Quarterly virtual breath work ceremony (Usually on a full moon).
- Pre recorded breathwork track for daily practice.
- Weekly #sacradmorningroutine accountability checkins via Marco Polo video messaging app
- Evidence based research and therapeutic implementation strategies.

BreathFlow Club

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