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If we all did what we knew we should, we’d each be superhuman. Yet some people seem to do it all: get up early, exercise daily, eat healthy, be there for their family, crush it at work, and even floss on a daily basis. What’s their secret? What makes these people special, and why do we secretly hate their guts?

Here’s the truth: whether you know it or not, you’re an influencer. We all are. Our daily choices impact our loved ones, our patients, and everyone we encounter. Willpower comes from WHY, not how. Therefore, the GREATER the why, the more likely we are to accomplish what we desire to achieve.

Logic tells us to set the bar low because then we’re less likely to fail, right? WRONG! The lower the goal, the lower the motivation and thus the more likely we are to wiggle our way out of it with an excuse. Think of your motivation like your gas tank – the more you fuel yourself up with reasons to accomplish something, the further you’ll go. Becoming superhuman requires only one thing: assertiveness.

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